5 tips for great workspace designs

If you are thinking of renovating your spaces or looking for inspiration to design your project, in this article, we share some essential tips for interior decoration so that you can refresh your office properly to allow this space to look harmonious and reflect your brand personality.

How to achieve the ideal design?

Take advantage of the spaces: each area deserves to be taken in a specific way, therefore, do not forget to visualize which spaces must be conditioned for their different uses. In this way, you can maximize how much space was intented for each area.

Visual cleanliness: It is true that less is more. It has been proven that spacious places with less visual noise help clear the mind and significantly improve productivity. Choose furniture with a high level of storage that allows you to have access to everything while taking care of the aesthetics of the office.

Luminosity: lighting is one of the main elements in decoration, and allowing it natural is the best option. Harmonize the amount of light with the help of roller shades that provide the ideal opacity percentage for your space. Such as Sunx Performance, which has Reflex technology that also reduces environmental impact as it controls glare and heat input.

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Innovative functionalities: now a days, interior design not only takes care of the aesthetics of places, but also seeks to ensure that each element provides extra value. For example, the Indigoff panel is not only used to decorate walls or ceilings, but also the principal feature is to absorbs acoustics.

Correct measures: having large spaces is not always synonymous with furniture and other elements of the same magnitude. It is important to take care of the ergonomics of your work staff and the decorations that you will add. Always choose the right measure and enjoy wide spaces.

Show the essence of your company in the decoration

One of the best ways to demonstrate the personality of a brand is in corporate facilities, where we can see the presence of two important values: representative colors and a visual language. The mixture of both allows us to know the formality, wide creativity, and it can be a mini day-to-day showroom.

We know that decorating interior spaces is the best cover letter for any company, which is why at WRKS we have everything you need to renovate your walls, floors, and furniture with high-quality products.

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