3 factors to keep in mind when choosing a high-tech floor

Floors with natural material textures are one of the best options to add a touch of quality, elegance, and innovation to any space. This material has a substencial decorative, timeless, and well-made contribution.

At Helm, you can find a wide range of LVT floors in a concrete, wood, or carpet style, so besides choosing the one that best suits your home or workplace, you can also enjoy a high-tech product that provides an acoustic backing.

Transform your spaces into better places

Versatility: thanks to the fact that it has a non-slip layer, it will allow installation in any residential, commercial, or professional space, for example: lobby, offices, reception rooms, living room, etc.

Quality and Durability: our flooring exceeds industry standards by being phthalate-free, providing an IXPE acoustical backing, and being stain and chemical resistant. With constant and correct maintenance, your floor can last for many years.

Contrast and style: those floors that recreate natural designs help make any environment look timeless; they will be a relevant spot in the space at any moment. In addition, we have three different styles: Rug, Ashville and Stryn, each with more than 8 colors and designs.

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Take into consideration these factors that we share with you to be able to choose a floor that provides a new touch to the different spaces of your home or any area of ​​the contract sector, surprising everyone who visits you. A beautiful and well-done place always inspires and motivates people to do beautiful and well-done things.

Remember that with us, you can find a wide variety of coverings for floors, walls, and other elements, so that you can always reform your space with high-quality products. With WRKS, you will obtain quality, creativity, expert knowledge, and state-of-the-art technology in each of your interior design projects.

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