Design adaptations for the new work era

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we learned how to work from home, making our way of life so much different and bringing our office directly into our lives.

Most of us found the way to make this work and managed to have a space in which we could make the best of our work and responsibilities and blend them with our way of living.

Transformation of work at home

Some companies were ready, some others made changes and adjusted to fit in these new tasks, and some others were not embracing the “new reality”, this reality we still live in and got here to stay.

At that moment, companies and associates realized that everything could be better, and they had a big opportunity for a real change management strategy, saving money by having fewer working stations but giving their associates a different tool to work and making them feel at home, getting the best from them.

Desire for collaborative spaces

A few years ago, even before the pandemic, I had the opportunity to be working next to Gregg Dekker and his team from an important furniture company, and we were giving a change management analysis for an important energy company. By inquiring with their CEO and the most important people on his team, we were trying to find out what they wanted for their new offices, but by talking to the whole office, the results were amazing.

Employees were asking for more collaborative spaces, a much more colorful and impressive office in which they could choose where to sit, where to take a call, where to have a meeting, and, most important of all, how to be in easier communication without walls.

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Role of sustainability

We do have to think about being green, being LEED-certified, being sustainable, reducing our carbon footprint, saving water and keeping it cold, but the most important thing in your company is people, they are your asset. The sustainability trend has just one purpose and is focused on people: keeping them interested in creating open, flexible, ergonomic and healthy spaces.

What have we learned? We learned that each piece is as important as the other, and taking care of small things will get you to a big result. There are experts at getting you to mix and match, we are just a small part of the chain to get you there.

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