Some benefits of using acoustic panels in your workspace

According to data from the Royal Spanish Academy (Real Academia EspaƱola, RAE), noise refers to inarticulate sound, usually unpleasant, and in semiotics, interference affects communicative processes. When creating comfortable and functional spaces, we often overlook a fundamental element that can make a complete difference: sound control.

Acoustics significantly impact our spaces, directly influencing well-being and productivity levels. The good news is that controlling the noise in a particular environment is now possible, as various resources will prevent exterior noise from affecting the performance and concentration of people within a workspace, whether in a corporate setting or a designated area in your home.

Acoustic Panel: The Ultimate Sound Absorber

Acoustic panels are solutions designed to absorb unwanted sounds in a space, preventing prolonged reverberation time. Whether in residential, commercial, or industrial environments, their implementation can provide a range of remarkable benefits:

  1. Improves concentration by reducing noise.
  2. Reduces stress levels caused by auditory pollution.
  3. Creates a cozier and more pleasant environment.
  4. Enhances communication clarity, enabling more effectiveness.
  5. Offers highly aesthetic and customizable attractive designs.

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The New Collaborative Spaces: An Acoustic Challenge

For several years, the trend of creating collaborative workspaces has emerged, highlighting the importance of providing a comfortable working environment with excellent auditory clarity, assertive communication, and proper collaboration.

The Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) is an index that indicates the average of frequencies absorbed by a material. When a material has an index lower than 0.5, it’s reflective, but when the index is higher than 0.5, it’s absorbent. In the case of Indigoff acoustic panels, they have a minimum NRC of 0.65, which categorizes them as excellent absorbers. Additionally, they are made from 100% recycled PET fibers.

Giving acoustic panels a chance in your spaces is an intelligent decision for any environment. They enhance sound quality, absorb unwanted noise, and positively impact our overall well-being. Consider Indigoff acoustic panels as an essential tool when designing your environment.

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