3 interior design lessons that barbiecore trend left us

The Barbiecore is a fashion trend that has tgained prominence in various seasons since the 1960s, adapting trending to trends such as colors, patterns, textures, music and even social stances. However, in recent years, it has gained more strength since the fall-winter 22-23 Fashion Week and following the announcement of the release of the new Barbie live-action movie, directed by Greta Gerwig.

But, what does this media boom truly teach us? Without a doubt, it teaches us not only the power of embrasing trends but also tje ability to take ownership of our essence and personal branding in order to express it as a hallmark in our physical spaces. That’s why in this article, we’re sharing three interior design tips inspired by Barbiecore:

60s, 70s, 80s, 90s or 00s Nostalgia

Fashion is cyclical, which is why vintage decoration from certain eras will always be a great starting point when seeking inspiration for interior decoration:

The 60s and retro originality: The liberation movement reflected futuristic, psychedelic, and abstract touches with a vibrant use of colors.

The 70s and their diverse textures: Waves and curved effects defined the era thanks to the hippie movement full of colors, rainbows and flower power. Velvet, leather, vinyl and glass as the main finishes.

The 80s, trends in prints and transparencies: these era sought captivating and authentic contrasts, highlighting transparencies, the use of mirrors, and reflective metallic surfaces stand out. Various prints like stripes or checks boomed.

The 90s, the end of excesses?: unlike previous years, spaces aimed for visually cleaner, simpler and even minimalist were sought. Neutrals, wooden floors, bringing nature indoors, total white spaces, luxurious rooms and cozy places where characteristic.

The 2000s, a mix of past trends: from vibrant colors to the use of neutrals, synthetic and natural textiles like linen came into play. Decorative Pop Art style patterns were prioritized to create gallery walls, ushering in maximalism.

Timelessness dreamspace

Barbie’s dream house consists of 5 basic pillars:

Identity: logo and use of distinctive colors.

Versatility: offers more experiences and serves various functions.

Effectiveness: Has everything needed to function correctly.

Comfort: completely ergonomic space.

Coherence: perfect blend of essence, communication, values ​​and brand personality.

When we manage to build and showcase these 5 pillars, adapting to trends, styles, seasons or settings becomes much easier. Additionally, our personal touch will endure forever, regardless where we are.

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Unlock latest aesthetic trends

Trends leave their mark for a period of time before becoming mainstream. While the lifecycle of a trend is determined by the number of adapters (people) who embrace the product, they generally last between 3 and 8 years before fading or becoming less utilized. Get inspired by some of the most utilized trends over the past 3 years:

Tone-on-tone looks: monochromatic spaces that use the same color in a single area and may or may not present variation in shades.

Focal Point: Adding a pop of color to create a significant visual change, without disturbing the balance of the space.

Frame it, fake it: there are various ways to mimic textures, paintings, or shapes using different techniques. For example, using acoustic panels to imitate wood or vinyl floors with concrete imprints.

Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the best way to express personality in your spaces.

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